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2022 VC Predictions & Retrospectives

Digest #55 | 2022 Predictions, B2B Cross-Border Payments, Web3 Renaissance, and more

Digest #54 | Employer-led Health Disruption, Business of Space, & more

Digest #53 | Ecommerce Predictions, Green Economy software, Building Time Machines, & more

Digest #52 | Green Workforce Software, Vertical Banks, Ethics of an Arms Race, and more

Digest #51 | Mobile Gaming in India, Digital Economies, Network Effects in Web3 & more

Digest #50 | Moving Money in the 21st Century, State of Marketplaces, and more

Digest #49 | Vices and Virtues, Communities of the Future, the Data Deluge, and more

Digest #48 | Shifts in women's health, 100x ARR multiples, State of Web3, and more

We're Live on Product Hunt!

Digest #47 | The Future of Money, Why this time the metaverse is different, and more

Digest #46 | Fintech-Enabled Companies, DTC Health and more

Digest #45 | B2B marketplaces, Open Source in Financial Services and more

Mapping the Insights that Drive Startup Ideas & Theses

Digest #44 | The Industrial Bio Complex, Embedded Fintech and more

Digest #43 | State of quantum, Teamwork software, and more

Digest #42 | Cracking the Carbon Conundrum, Hunter Economy, and more

Digest #41 | B2B Payments, Meme Markets, and more

Digest #40 | Vertical Fintech, Circular Economy, Education Revolt and more

Digest #39 | Creating value from thin air, Crypto’s consumer era and more

Digest #38 | Update, The biggest waves since Mobile, and more

Digest #37 | Gaps around Mental Health, Frameworks for finding startup ideas, and more

Digest #36 | Community Operating Systems, BNPL & Payment Ramifications, and more

Digest #35 | Post-Pandemic Edtech Trends, A New Wave of Emission Platforms, and more

Digest #34 | Recommerce Enablement, Decline of Venture Debt at the Early Stage, and more

Digest #33 | Billion-Dollar Startups on Zoom, Post-Pandemic Restaurant Trends, and more

Digest #32 | Rise of Recommerce, Opportunities in Vertical SaaS, and more

Digest #31 | The LatAm Opportunity, NFT Wave, Mental Model for Crypto, and more

Digest #30 | 10 VCs Share What to Watch in Crypto, Emerging Markets Investment Opportunities and more

Digest #29 | DeFi-ing traditional finance, Earth observation, and more

Digest #28 | The Future of Games, Mega Marketplaces, and more

Digest #27 | The Mega Theme of the '20s, Gen Z Guide, and more

Digest #26 | Betting Big on Women’s Health, Reinventing Social Media and more

Digest #25 | Future of Grocery Delivery, The $1Tr Cloud Paradox, and more

Digest #24 | The rise of "Reality Entrepreneurs", Family Offices Investing in VC and more

Digest #23 | The ESG Puzzle, 6 Kinds of Product-Market Fit and more

Digest #22 | The next revolution in commerce, Neo-Insurance and more

Digest #21 | NFTs & Collectibles, Decarbonization, and more

Digest #20 | Future of Climate Tech Startups, A New Marketplace Wave, and more

Digest #19 | Investing in Pet Tech, E-Commerce Fulfillment Digitization, and more

Digest #18 | Investing in B2B Marketplaces, Economics of a TikTok Creator, and more

Digest #17 | Investing in the Education Revolution, Exploring Geothermal, and more

Digest #16 | Shopify for Creators, Post-Pandemic Family Opportunities, and more

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