Digest #50 | Moving Money in the 21st Century, State of Marketplaces, and more

Nov 14th – 20th | Insights from A16Z, Sequoia, OpenView, Lux Capital, and others

Hi everyone 👋,

I’m excited to share the 50th SandHill.io digest! It’s crazy to think this project is almost a year old.

My goal with these digests has been to share the latest insights & theses from investors and sector experts. I’ve heard from several subscribers that this has served as a great way to meet other investors and founders with overlapping focus areas and the founders amongst us have found it as a helpful resource to identify relevant investors.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a new interview series focused primarily on enabling investors to share their current focus areas & any theses they are pursuing. Think of it as a low-lift way to share areas you are interested in without needing to write & promote a long-form blog post.

If you’re an investor (VC or angel) and would be interested in sharing where you’re spending your time & capital, please reach out and we’d love to share your insights. Just reply to this email with an “I’m interested” and I’ll follow up with more details on next steps.


Investment Themes, Theses & Outlooks

Industry Developments & Analyses

Guides, Case Studies, & Best Practices for Operating

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