Digest #42 | Cracking the Carbon Conundrum, Hunter Economy, and more

Sept 19th – 25th, 2021

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Investment Themes, Theses & Outlooks

Cracking the Carbon Conundrum (Andrew Beebe, MD @ Obvious Ventures)

The Hunter Economy (Erik Torenberg, Partner @ Village Global)

The immense opportunity of the life sciences data market (Shamillah Bankiya & Daniela Raffel Torrebiarte, Dawn Capital)

Industry Developments & Analyses

As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack is the New Firm (Seema Amble, D’Arcy Coolican, Alex Rampell, A16Z)

The $1 Trillion NFT Market (Doug Clinton, MP @ Loup Ventures)

Inside Latin America’s Creator Economy: Rich in Influence, Poor in Cash (Julio Vasconcellos, MP @ Atlantico for A16Z Future)

A Labor Movement for the Platform Economy (Li Jin, Scott Kominers & Lila Shroff, Harvard Business Review)

Social Tokens and Creator-Centric Economies (Rex Woodbury, Principal @ Index)

Operator Interviews, Case Studies & Best Practices

What is “Seeing The Matrix” For A Product Leader? (Scott Belsky, Angel Investor)

How to Create a Company Culture that Lasts (Emma Silverman, Principal @ TMV)

What startups need in their Series A deck (Lacey Wisdom & Nihal Mehta, Eniac Ventures)

The Ultimate Guide to Running Executive Meetings — 25 Tips from Top Startup Leaders (First Round Review)

Additional Reads

An Unpredictable Reopening In Venture Capital (Semil Shah, GP @ Haystack)

Resetting venture capital return expectations: is 10x the new 3x? (Boris Wertz, GP @ VersionOne VC)

Speculative Bubbles in the 21st Century & Asymmetric Upside (Mike Dempsey, GP @ Compound)

How to Create a Healthy Local Startup and Tech Community (Charlie O’Donnell, GP @ Brooklyn Bridge Ventures)

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