Digest #19 | Investing in Pet Tech, E-Commerce Fulfillment Digitization, and more

Apri 11th – 17th

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Investment Themes, Theses, and Outlooks

  • What’s happening around the future of pet tech: Drivers, trends, and opportunities (Meagan Loyst, Analyst @ Lerer Hippeau)

  • The Future of Healthcare: Virtual-First (Joe Connolly, CEO @ Visana Health)

Industry Developments and Analyses

  • E-Commerce Fulfillment: how new tech players are bringing supply chains online (Michelle Nacouzi, Investor @ Northzone)

  • Latin America’s Fintech Boom (Angela Strange and Matthieu Hafemeister, A16Z)

  • Giving everyone a voice: How technology is helping stakeholders better manage social and governance issues (Rexhi Dollaku, Principal @ Base10)

  • How Tech Stacks Up in B2B (Stacy D'Amico and Brad Kern, A16Z)

  • How the Creator Crisis forced artists to be founders (Josh Constine, Principal @ SignalFire)

Case Studies and Best Practices for Operating

  • The 10 Commandments of Media Relations Every Entrepreneur Should Know (Nicole Quinn, GP @ Lightspeed)

  • Casey’s Guide to Finding Product/Market Fit (Casey Winters, CPO @ Eventbrite)

  • Constellation: Software Superorganism (Mario Gabriele, The Generalist)

Additional Reads

  • Playing Different Games (Everett Randle, Principal @ Founders Fund)

  • How People Get Rich Now (Paul Graham, Founder @ YC)

  • Network States and Nation SPACs, or Westphalia Redux (Sajith Pai, Director @ Blume Ventures)

  • On Cost Disease (Erik Torenberg, Partner @ Village Global)

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